Inspiration of the Week: Mexican Otomi Textiles

Upon receiving the GORGEOUS Indian Sari blankets at Spruce and in honor of Mexico’s Dia De Los Muertos (today!), I was reminded of how much a simple throw can add to a room. It helps to create a layered look any thoughtfully designed room should have. There is one blanket in particular that I have wanted  for a few years now. It is one of the Mexican Otomi textiles that feature all kinds of fun embroidered animals, flowers, and other designs. This style of work comes from an indigenous ethnic group inhabiting central Mexico. Methods of weaving and embroidery are used to create beautiful designs that are said to reflect early drawings found in caves! It was around 50 years ago that this work made its way to being sold on a greater scale.

What I am really hankering to get my hands on are the coverlets that are made, known as Tenangos. I would love to use one at the end of my bed, or even upholster a headboard with it. Grace over at D* Sponge did one that I can’t seem to get out of my brain!

It is great to see this work used in traditional and non-traditional ways. I love that about textiles; there really is no end to how you can dream up using them!

Hopefully, when the day comes around that I actually make a decision about my home decor, I will make sure to put one of these textiles in the mix!