Inspiration of the Week: Horses!

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(Little Miss Sassy, a new member of the family)

This weekend I spent some time with my dad out at a ranch that keeps and cares for cutting horses. If you aren’t familiar with a cutting horse, these are the kind that “cut” cattle away from the herd for various reasons like branding or giving shots. Cows like to stay close together, so it can be tricky coming into the herd and pulling out one cow at a time with just you and your horse. So, these horses are bred to move particularly well for cutting off the calves when they are trying to dart back into the herd.

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(Pops washing and brushing his horse after a good ride)

This skill has actually become something of a competition! If you ever go to the rodeo, you will often see riders competing on their cutting horses to see who can cut away the most calves in an allotted time and which horse has the best form. I’ve seen it, and it is wild! These horses are darn smart and most of the time get the better of these calves.

This got me wondering how I could incorporate these amazing creatures into my own design. We have all seen this done a bit over the top, but the subtle introduction of the horse can be quite sophisticated. These animals have been the subject of art for centuries and continue to be used throughout modern art as well.

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The equestrian lifestyle can have a place in any home, really. Whether modern, traditional, or transitional, each space can be enhanced with help from our four-legged friends.

[pe2-gallery class=”alignleft” ] Rob Brinson Home.jpgHorse Hallway.jpgDaybed Horse.jpgGarret Cord Werner Home.jpg[/pe2-gallery]

Over the last few years, I have seen a few really well-done fabrics and wallpapers that incorporate horses.

Florence Broadhurst Stampede Fabric.jpg

This particular pattern was made by iconic fabric designer Florence Broadhurst. The print is part of a collection that is from the early years of her collaboration with Signature Prints. We made some beautiful curtains for a client, and the horses looked as though they would stampede right out of the walls!

Sandberg Collette Wallpaper.jpg This wallpaper is a top contender for my guest bathroom. Isn’t it fantastic?! I love Sandberg’s use of traditional drawings in a non-traditional color. The cobalt, almost neon blue would really pop in a small space like a guest or powder bath.


Lastly, this Thomas Paul print for Duralee has a youthful and whimsical horse motif. We have made lampshades for a little boy’s room out of this print, and it was too cute!

I gained quite a bit of respect for how magnificent this creature is this weekend and can’t wait to go back! I know that I will soon be bringing the horse motif into my home whether through art or fabric. It can be a unique and eclectic addition; consider it for your next design choice!