Inspiration of the Week: Chicago

This weekend, my girlfriends from college and I took our first annual “Great Escape.” We got the idea from an amazing article in Real Simple. The rules of the Great Escape are as follows: Once a per person budget has been settled on, one friend will plan the entire trip without telling the location to the rest of the group. One week prior to the trip, the planner lets everyone know where they will be going and what to pack. She has booked all planes, lodging, and things to do for the trip. So until a week ago, I did not know where I would be going on vacation. I just knew I was gonna have fun!

My friend Julie ended up planning an amazing trip to Chicago. We did so many wonderful things, and made some great memories. I can’t stop thinking about Chi-town! Here’s what I loved about this great town.

The Architecture

You can see every bit of thought behind each of the buildings that surround you in Chicago. Whether old or new, each building adds a unique addition to down-town. Not only is there commitment to compelling architecture, but also in the city art. Millennium Park has the ever entertaining Bean and Jay Pritzker Pavillion.

We also had tea at the Drake Hotel, which has such a unique style. The inside looks as though time stopped in the days of Betty Davis. I felt so glamorous sipping my Blue Peacock tea on the mint green china. They also had more diamond tufted furniture than you can imagine. I was in heaven!

The Colors

We hit Chicago during, what we were told, were the two most beautiful weeks of Spring. The flowers bloom for a blink, then croak. I think I saw at least a million tulips all over the city! The trees were so fragrant, and the grass was SO green. I wanted to lay down in the flower beds like Dorothy in the poppies on her way to Oz. Although, I don’t think that would have gone over well:) . The colors made me so excited to use all the vibrant fabrics we have at Spruce!