Inspiration: Nathalie Du Pasquier

If you’re a serious Tumblr junkie, or just as into 1970s and 80s Italian design as I am, you may know of, or have luckily stumbled upon this brilliant and singular talent: Nathalie Du Pasquier. She is an original, and the world will be forever changed by her designs.

Nathalie Du Pasquier Vogue Living  photographed by mikkel vang

Nathalie Du Pasquier, photographed by Mikkel Vang for Vogue Living.

nathalie du pasquier burundi

Nathalie Du Pasquiere’s covetable “Burundi” fabric from 1981. One yard is for sale, framed, $375.00 at Curated Home!

Du Pasquier is native to France, but has been living in Milan, Italy since 1979. A founding member of the Memphis Group, she has designed countless fabrics for that collective and beyond. Though I think of her most often as a textile designer, she has contributed a wealth of patterns to laminates, furniture, carpet, design objects, and of late is a prolific painter of fine art and art objects. You can imagine my surprise and utter shock when I happened upon a booth with her work at Art Basel in Miami last year. I feel so privileged to have seen her work in person. I had a fan moment with her art!

Visit Nathalie Du Pasquier’s website for more fun. There’s so much to see! Check out the section entitled With Alice.  She and collaborator/photographer Alice Fiorilli make some clever, simple images together, such as this one below!

nathalie du pasquier alice fiorilli

Photo via website of Nathalie Du Paquiere. Image from Du Pasquier’s collaboration with photographer Alice Fiorilli.

Madame Du Pasquier has plenty out there in the design ether, and if you’ve got the cash, you can scoop it up! Check out her ceramics and furniture available at the Memphis Design Store. One of my faves…

madras table by nathalie du pasquier

Behold the Madras Table designed in 1986 by Du Pasquier. For sale at the Memphis Design store. (It’s only €3.025,00!)

Or browse the Australian online shop Third Drawer Down, and snag some tea towels, coasters, bags, mugs, notebooks, napkins, ahhhh! I’m going crazy! I’m so excited! See why?

nathalie du pasquier placemat third drawer down

Nathalie Du Pasquier’s Dinner Placemat/Corkboard for sale at Third Drawer Down (banana sold separately).

I’ll leave you in sheer bliss as you enjoy a couple more of her vintage textile designs below. Nathalie, I idolize you!

nathalie du pasquier gabon print

Nathalie Du Pasquier’s Gabon print. Produced by Memphis, 1982.

nathalie du pasquier cerchio print

Nathalie Du Pasquier’s Cerchio print. Produced by Memphis, 1983.