Inspiration: Katherine Bowling and Amanda Blake

Before Spruce, I obtained my degree in Art History, which is a testament to my love of the visual arts. Although I don’t get to work with paintings very often anymore, I have found a new way to incorporate artwork into my life. This month’s issue of Elle Decor features artist Katherine Bowling whose art work is ethereal and captures nature as I would imagine it early in the morning. I’ve never used art work to guide the design of a room, mainly because I can’t afford to purchase the art my heart desires. But who says you have to have the piece in your possession to draw inspiration from it?

Katherine Bowling, Pond

If I could wake up to these scenes every morning, I wouldn’t hit snooze so many times.

Katherine Bowling, Storm

Katherine Bowling, Flight

Another artist from Portland, Oregon I adore is Amanda Blake. Her imagination really inspires me to create a quirky room centered around her paintings.

Amanda Blake, Mary Sailed Away...

Amanda Blake, She Wore Jewels...

Amanda Blake, Marion and Robert...

To see more of these wonderful artists, click on the links below.

Katherine Bowling

Amanda Blake