Inspiration: Geode-rific!


Crystals, gems, and geodes…Oh my!  A few days ago, I stumbled across this really beautiful magnet set in the above photo from  Since this discovery, I have gone off the deep end with non-stop Etsy searches and visits to crystal stores here in Austin.  My goal was to find an assortment of colorful geodes to make the magnets myself, but after all of this exploring, I have come to have a whole new appreciation for these natural treasures.  They really are quite special.  Not only are these rocks colorful and full of interesting texture, but they are also believed to possess  healing properties. Win, win!

Other than the super cool magnets, I found many other opportunities to sneak in some crystallized accessories into your space.

[pe2-gallery] 56646907783184742_2K6Clcwz_c.jpgcoasters1.jpgcoasters from High Street markert.jpg [/pe2-gallery]

Coasters!!! Everyone has a set, so why shouldn’t they be stunning?  The examples above are so visually pleasing, maybe they’d encourage your guests to be more diligent about using coasters.  A set of these would be the perfect holiday gift!  Click on the thumbnails to see where you can find these.

[pe2-gallery] geode rug.jpggeode inspired rug.jpg[/pe2-gallery]

Ay, caramba!  I love these rugs.  The first image is a rug by Studio Bijou called Etage.  It comes in two colorways, and the border is woven with either gold or silver silk to mimic the gem being dipped in gold or silver.  The second rug can be found at Anthropologie.  There is no doubt that the swirly pattern and the ribbons of color were inspired by the agate stone.  Amazing!

[pe2-gallery] soap.jpgmalachite soap.jpgwhire opal soap.jpg[/pe2-gallery]

I bet you think these are stones, right?  Wrong!  It’s soap.  It is very impressive how authentic these soapy treats are.  You can find these at Furbish…another good gift idea.

[pe2-gallery] crystal candle holder.jpg67061481922219970_T3EKyeyr_c.jpgbookends1.jpg[/pe2-gallery]

There are countless ways to integrate these magnificent formations into a space.  Crystals and geodes could be used as sporadic adornments like the crystal votive, the piece of amethyst, and the gold geode bookends featured above.  If crystals and gemstones are not your cup of tea, you can always draw inspiration from the incomparable color palettes that you will find inside them.  You can’t argue with mother nature.