Inspiration: Awesome AND Attainable Knoll Basic Fabrics

Hello everyone. How was your Labor Day weekend? Good? Hangovers? Oh ya’ll!

I wanted to spread the word about what’s been happening at the shop. Business as usual, but traffic is picking up in this our busy period. We’ve seen a bunch of folks rehabbing their vintage Knoll pieces, and naturally they have sought out the eponymous fabric to freshly cover. The thrilling part is…they didn’t spend a fortune!

I keep forgetting to tell you! Knoll has some affordable fabrics: knockout solids, textures, and small patterns that start in the $20s per yard. Radical! Some of our recent favorites:

Pattern “Hourglass“: $29.50/yd! Squeeeaaal! This is a great close-up of the grain! Comes in 28 awesome colors, is made of a recycled polyester, and has an ultra-high durability rating.

Pattern “Ransom“: $42/yd. Cool honeycomb/basketweave texture, 100% recycled polyester, excellent durability. Comes in 14 colors!

Pattern “Venue”: $38/yd. Awesome fabric with a chenille yarn for soft hand. Great durability, 12 colors.

Pattern “Presto”: $27/yd. Crepe-like woven fabric in 14 great colors. Highly durable!

Pattern “Sonnet”: $36/yd. Comes in 12 colors and was inspired by a 1977 Knoll archival pattern. Get it!

Also check out “Knoll Hopsack” which is a great 100% wool, “Presto”, “Mariner”; all are under $50/yard and are cool solid options.

Even more tempting are Knoll’s small print offerings for under $50/ yard. Patterns as charming as these are not to be avoided!

Pattern “Menagerie”: $44/yard for all this adorable style! So detailed, so retro, so ethnic – use it however you feel fit! Comes in 7 colorways.

Pattern “Alignment”: $46.50/yd. This one’s a texture/pattern hybrid and would read as a heathered kind of solid from afar.

Pattern “Bocce”: $38/yd. Cute little mini-pattern! 8 colors. Durable, too!

See also “Cat’s Cradle”, “Stacks”, and “Prompt.”

Wow! I forget how attainable some of the classics truly are! You should swing by the shop to check out some looks! We would love to see you!