Inside Spruce’s workshop!

It’s been a few weeks in the new shop, and we are finally beginning to feel settled. Whew! Some of you have been interested in seeing more photos, specifically the place where the magic happens…..the workshop.

We now have double doors into the workshop, so no more squeezing through a single door with massive pieces of furniture. And to top it off, we now have offices! We have an office for Amanda as well as a design consultation room. It’s devine!

There is a quirky feature in the front, a window into the shop! Clients can come take a peek and see the Sprucettes working hard on all the furniture coming through. I may or may not pretend like I am going up and down an elevator for the Sprucettes on the other side of the window. 🙂

Our new shop is about THREE TIMES BIGGER than our last space. Everyone has plenty of room to work, and there is room for growth! The storage is far greater, and overall, it is fantastically better. Check out a few more photos of the shop below!
[pe2-gallery class=”alignleft” ] IMG_5209 (900x600).jpgIMG_5210 (900x600).jpgIMG_5206 (900x600).jpgIMG_5189 (900x600).jpg[/pe2-gallery]
So much more space, which makes classes at Spruce that much better!


We now have two (that’s right, two) garage door entrances into the shop as well. Loading and unloading furniture has never been easier! Who knows, we may have to pull the VW, Chair-iot, into the workshop for our next anniversary party. Can you say DJ booth!?!


Last but certainly not least, the workshop is…… air conditioned! If you ever saw the Sprucettes in the summer months at the old space, you would want to sit them down with a fan and some water. It would climb to a mighty 93 degrees back there. But now, we are sweaty no more!! An air conditioner has been installed that cools the whole space to a cool 72 degrees ALL DAY in the summer months. It is truly a dream! We have even consider a light jacket for the back, wild!

So far we are loving the new space and would love to have you come see it for yourself. Stop by anytime!