History of the Wingback


Green Mosaic Wingbacks by Spruce

One of the most common pieces to come through the production line at Spruce is the wingback. We love the comfort, classic style and curvy silhouette of this chair. So what better furniture piece than the wingback to start our mini history lessons.

The wingback, or as some call it, the easy chair, was originally constructed for the bedroom. Compared to many early chairs, there is a lot more padding and fabric as these were meant for comfort and long periods of sitting. The large wings were meant to guard against drafts, and many times, the seat was outfitted with a padded toilet. These types of chairs were ideal for sick and elderly people who needed to sit or remain stationary all day. Unfortunately, we have not been lucky enough to come across a wingback toilet…maybe one day.

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Here are a few wingbacks we’ve redone in the past for our clients and retail.

I’ve recently acquired a new book, Upholstery in America & Europe from the Seventeenth Century to World War I, edited by Edward S. Cooke, Jr. It has provided me with much of the information and interesting facts about the history of upholstery.