Fresh Face at Spruce!

It is my pleasure to announce to you all that we have been graced with a new intern. Allow me to introduce Alejandra!

Alejandra hails from Ciudad Juarez, later moving to El Paso, and has been in Austin for close to two years. (Entonces, ella es bilingüe.) Amanda and Meredith met Alejandra at Design Camp, and the three struck up an internship. A design pupil at the Art Institute in Austin, Alejandra hopes to be a merchandising/retail designer, perhaps a retailer, or a textile designer. Her favorite designers include Elsie DeWolfe, Thomas Paul, Valentino, and Karl Lagerfeld. Alejandra appreciates an updated French aesthetic, with Rococo touches and contemporary reminders.

Enjoy our lightning round Q & A with “Ale” below!

Nick name? Pato (cute!) or Ale.

Favorite vacation? Europe – Island of Capri.

City or country? Live in city, vacation in mountains.

Salty or sweet? Salty. (But….FLAN!)

Gold or silver? Silver. She’s allergic to gold.

Leather or velvet? Leather. (She has a problem with velvet. Something about the nap going the wrong way…well, rubs her the wrong way!)

What’s the accessory you can’t live without? Her ring.

Alejandra loves kayaking and nights at the Alamo (Drafthouse!) Amelie is one of her favorites, as well as Moulin Rouge. Quentin Tarantino movies float her boat, too.

Harry Poter fans: her patronus is a rabbit. (??? Ya’ll are crazy.)

Mumford and Sons is on her stereo, as well Sia, Florence and the Machine, and Norah Jones. August 27th is her birthday. (She’s a virtuous Virgo!)

Adam Levine is her future husband. Nacho is her schnauzer.

In her short time with us at Spruce, she has been instrumental in tackling our growing mountain of new fabric samples and putting them into the library for our customers’ consideration. Truly Alejandra, we are so grateful to have you! Welcome to Spruce!