Fabric Pick O’ The Month!

We at Spruce are gonna try our ‘darndest’ each month to bring you, lovely readers, a new or hip or funky-fresh-fun fabric/fabric line to whet your tactile textile appetite! In this post I bring you Hable Construction! If you’re unfamiliar with this company get friendly by visiting their site (click the link above, please.) Hable Construction has teamed with one of the heavy hitters in the textile biz, S.Harris, to introduce a line of textiles suitable for home and hospitality. We just received a stack of samples here in the showroom that you’re gonna love!

Sneaky peaky of collection - Hable Construction for S. Harris!*

*Featured  top to bottom is: “Wailea” in color Sorbet; “Makena” in Confetti; “Volcano” in Coral Reef.

Hable’s collection is clearly inspired by a Hawaiian island trip and Polynesian dreams, having names like “Volcano”, “Wailea”, “Hilo”, and “Kahala”, among others.  While some of these fabrics are overtly referential in pattern or name, many would work beautifully in a mid-century modern  interior, an Asian inspired room, kid’s bedroom or playroom, you name it! You’re not required to have a Tiki bar to use ’em. (Or if you do, cheers – these fabrics are for you!) The big bonus is that they are high-traffic prepared – i.e. DURABLE! Wear it well!

"Lahaina" pattern in color Seaglass- Hable Construction for S.Harris. Plenty of colorways! Come see!

Hable Construction (home-site proper) also has a well curated retail department that offers finished goods such as bags, hats, aprons, dopp kits, garden gloves, etc. If you need a little Hable fix, you can just grab and go online – no need to make something from scratch yourself!

More Hable Construction swatches for S. Harris.*

*Featured from top to bottom: “Pololu Valley” in Volcano; “Hilo” in Umber; “Hawaiian Palm” in Coffee; “Akara Falls” in Umber.

I pressure you to come into the shop to see these and other fabrics in person, and I can’t stress to you enough how much more impressive a fabric is when you have it in your hand and on your eyeballs. See ya’ll soon at Spruce!!! Get yourself to the shop!