Fabric Finds: New Manuel Canovas Collection!

Manuel CanovasManuel Canovas has been pumping out some sweet prints and weaves lately, inspired by global flora and fauna, points of inspiration include the Carribean Islands, as well as  Middle and Far East themes.

See Manuel Canovas’ Jamaica in Turquoise (above) in all its citrus glory!  Lina in Absinthe is pictured on the ottoman in the foreground. This fashionable fabric house has a bevy of bright solids, stripes, and textures to coordinate with any of the figurative prints that you may fall in love with. And you will be infatuated!

Below is a sample of the Middle East-infused designs. Pictured is Kazan in Rose Indian, Kerala in Rose Indian, and Tiana in Rose Indian. Tiana is a rich textured velvet – very luxurious hand to this textile. Come to the shop and feel for yourself!

Manuel 4
Manuel 6

Above, Hisar in color Parme, a boldly textured embroidery.

Manuel 3

Bella in Rose Indian – another great embroidery. Below it is shown in draperies.

Manuel 9

In the Far East/Asian-inspired vein, we can adore this gem to follow…ain’t it something?

Manuel 5

 Parfum d’Ete in Bleu Canard is pictured above. Great for light upholstery, or draperies, pillows, and bedding.

All the figurative prints have deep peacock hues, cobalt to ocean, through to the chartreuse touches, reds, corals, plums, deep red oranges…the colors are so well-considered! Just describe any saturated color idea – it’s likely included!

Manuel 2

Voyage en Chine in Turquoise is shown above. See it in large repeat below. I love it!

Manuel 8

As always, come to the shop and see what new fabrics we have. There is always something to discover!

Namaste! 🙂

 All images courtesy of Manuel Canovas. See their website for full collections of fabric and wallpaper offerings.