Fabric: All Things Aviary!

So I know that Lizzie has mentioned her love for animal themed fabric. However, as of late, my love for animal fabric, specifically birds, has crept in. I see a lot of clients come through that just LOVE any fabric that has birds featured. Some bird-themed fabrics from back in the day were pretty hideous, but the new updated approach to our flying friends makes for a great fabric! I love that fabrics featuring birds are not consistent in one look or style. This creature can translate to a traditional or contemporary space.

It is great to see a more graphic print using birds! Thomas Paul, our biggest crowd-pleaser, designed the first bird fabric in this set. I think a graphic bird can balance well between being playful and sophisticated.

I have seen birds used in a more delicate manner as well. These fabrics have a hand-drawn element that really shows off detailing well. And whose mother didn’t have a rooster print in her kitchen at one point?! Maybe some curtains above the sink? Just teasing, gotta love our mothers. 🙂

With so many methods for creating fabric out there, I have great respect for those who choose to use the hand-printing method. The time and precision of the craftsman is truly honorable. And we get to enjoy the rewards in our homes! These are a few of my favorite hand-printed fabrics that feature birds.

I have enjoyed admiring and adding fabrics to the Spruce collection that feature birds. We have used a few of these in client projects, and they have all turned out beautifully! Next time you are “sprucing” your home, make sure to give these guys a look. They will not dissapoint!

A little fabric nugget outside the realm of birds is that there is a new gal creating some amazing new prints. Her name is Christen Maxwell, and she’s great! She just launched, and you should certainly check out her textiles. When I see her prints, the first words to my mind are “ethnic” and “elegant.” Be sure to check her out, or come by our shop in a few weeks when we will have her samples here!