DIY Christmas Cards or Gift Tags: Machine Stitched Snowflakes!

This one’s going viral – I can feel it!

I made these Christmas cards years ago when I wanted a cute and cheap assembly-line style solution for my Christmas greetings. You could experiment with different fabrics, different card stock, contrast or metallic thread. There are lots of options for custom looks with this project.

xmas blog 2

What you’ll need:

  • Card stock, or other material to stitch on
  • Paper or fabric, printed or plain
  • Scissors
  • Thread, any color
  • Sewing machine

Here’s what you do!

Make a snowflake. Use paper or fabric! I like to mix it up by changing the shape, folding style, cuts, etc. Here’s a link on how to make a snowflake on YouTube in case you were born yesterday (JUST KIDDING!)! Cut as much or as little as you like. Experiment for optimal snowflake making!

Place your snowflake on the card stock.

 snowflake cards process revised

3 Stitch it up, little darling (sung to the tune of Bob Marley’s hit song Stir It Up)!

snowflake cards sewing

4 Trim the snowflakes to conform to the paper’s perimeter (optional). I like my snowflakes to stop at the edges, but who’s to say that the stitched snowflakes can’t be left in their original glory? My vote is to trim the snowflakes down if you’re stuffing the card into an envelope, and leave them large and wild if they’ll be outside of a wrapper.

snowflake closeup

That’s it! Give them away! Put them on your presents! Enjoy! YOU’RE WELCOME!

Happy, Happy Holidays!