Designer Spotlight: Lindsey Arthur of Play House

With all the furniture that comes through Spruce, we do get to work with some fantastic interior designers. Often, designers are willing to take risks and can leap from idea to execution in one bound. It makes for exciting projects and some of our favorite pieces to work on! To help inform you of the folks we know creating beautiful spaces in Austin, we’ve decided to add a new column to our blog, Designer Spotlight, which will feature the work and creations of some of our favorite designers living right here in Austin. Enjoy!
Lindsey a 450Lindsey Arthur of Play House is first up to bat. She and I bonded over our love for cut velvets and have been design buds ever since. Her point of view is simple luxury, and while she’s a less is more kind of gal, her creations still feel lived-in and ultra personal. Every time we get together, I get a bit of a design high that keeps me spinning for at least a day. :) She jets between Austin, San Diego, and Brooklyn for all of her design work. Rough life!

Lindsey Arthur 6 450

Lindsey Arthur 3 450

It’s exciting to work with designers willing to take risks and create furniture they know will be the wow factor of a room. Lindsey does a great job of knowing where to spend the dollars and where to be more economical. We have completed dozen of pieces for her projects, many of which you’ll see in these photos!

Lindsey Arthur 10 450

Lindsey Arthur 9 450

Lindsey Arthur 8 450

Lindsey Arthur 1 450

Lindsey Arthur 7 450

(I died when I walked into this bathroom.)

Lindsey Arthur 2 450

I am amazed at the creative design solutions she comes up with for homes and commercial spaces. I have bribed her with wine and treats to come over to my own house and brainstorm ideas for a backyard with lots of potential but lack of direction.

Lindsey Arthur 4 450

Lindsey Arthur 5 450

She recently flipped a house that is practically perfect in every way (like Mary Poppins!). If you need a little extra help bring your ideas to life, Lindsey Arthur is a great person to help you. Also, if any of this furniture brings you inspiration for your own home, just let us know, and we can make it so!

(Photo credits: Play House Design)