CRAVE Event Sparks Creativity

It’s been a little over a week since Spruce hosted its first CRAVEfuel event, and I’m still buzzing with positive energy. I sat down with four other speakers and 40+ attendees to discuss the ins and outs of creativity and how it affects our businesses and daily lives. Austin’s CRAVE hostess Andrea Genevieve asked, “What does creativity mean to you?” Such a broad question received so many specific and completely unique responses from the panelists. Here are some of my favorite quotes from the evening.


Left to Right: Jessica Sanders, Maura Ambrose, Natalie Davis, Chelsea Fullerton, Amanda Brown. Photo of Mel Cole of Cole Collective

“Don’t be afraid to make ugly things.” -Chelsea Fullerton of Go Forth Creative

“You have to be a hustler. We’re all hustlers up here.” -Natalie Davis of Canoe in response to what it takes to run a successful business

“My favorite quilt is the next one I make.” – Maura Ambrose of Folk Fibers

“Creativity is about making people feel something.” – Jessica Sanders of drink.well.


Photo by Mel Cole of Cole Collective.

Conversation ensued to reveal a crowd full of sharp, witty, and beautiful entrepreneurial ladies. Jewelry and graphic designers, photographers, makers and shakers of Austin were all in attendance. I found myself completely engrossed by every person’s perspective. So many times I’ve attended “Kumbaya” meetings only to find my mind aimlessly wandering as speakers went off on their unrelated or dead-end tangents. I can honestly say, I was completely engaged for the entire CRAVE event. Thank you all for bringing your positive energy, open minds, and friendly personalities!


Strange Fruit Public Relations gals Stef Shapira and Mary Mickel. Photo by Mel Cole of Cole Collective.


L to R: Katherine Baronet, Meredith Carmichael, Amanda Brown. Photo by Mel Cole of Cole Collective.


Photo by Mel Cole of Cole Collective.

Check out the CRAVE website to attend more events or contact Andrea Genevieve for more information. Special thanks to the amazing Sprucettes for organizing, cleaning, hostessing, and promoting the event, Andrea Genevieve, Mel Cole of Cole Collective for the photographs, and the charming panel of speakers (Chelsea Fullerton of Go Forth Creative, Natalie Davis of Canoe, Maura Ambrose of Folk Fibers, and Jessica Sanders of drink.well).