Behind the Scenes with Our Style Stories

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to have a super talented and all around fantastic gal come visit my home. Hilary Walker of Our Style Stories and I were connected through the lovely women over at StudioBon Textiles in Dallas. While Hilary was in town for the Texas Style Council Conference, she dropped by to see my digs! Last week, she posted the photos from her trip as well as a very thoughtful story of our meeting, which you can see here: “Meredith Carmichael’s Style Story”.

Hilary Shot 500

HIlary Shot 2 500

Hilary is masterful at utilizing natural light. My house can be quite dark in some of the rooms, which did not deter her. She had this nifty light reflector that bounced light from the adjoining space. Boom! Totally different photos! It folds up to the size of a large dinner plate- so perfect for the traveling she does.

My dining room didn’t make the final post, so I thought I would share a few photos. I recently put the finishing touches on it (is that ever really true?!) with the help of my very good friend and house project buddy, Kellen.

dining room 2 500

dining Room 500

If you look closely, you may recognize the copper bowl on the table from the book photos Amanda posted this week! We picked up this piece for the final book shoot, and I fell in LOVE. So, Amanda sneakily bought it for me and gave it to me months later on my birthday. 🙂

Dining room bar 500

I can’t live without F. Schumacher’s Chiang Mai Dragon somewhere in my house, and this lamp is the perfect spot for it.

Chair Painted (495x500)

The acrylic chairs are actually from Ikea, and I spray painted the chrome bases with a gold paint to make them suit my space better. The painting in the dining room is a project Kellen and I completed on our annual “Art Day” we like to have. I worked on the chairs, and gave him free reign on designing the painting in all its glory.

Mere Painting 1 (500x499)

Painting Process 500

Kellen Painting (503x675)

Hilary also posted our audio interview where we talk about design inspiration, upholstery, and DIY projects. You can check it out on the site under “A Conversations with Meredith Carmichael”. Our Style Stories is a great place to find inspiration; I would highly encourage you to add it to your favorites bar. Thanks Hilary for the great write-up and a wonderful afternoon together!