Altitude Summit San Francisco

IMG_6002A few weeks ago, I hopped on a plane and headed to San Francisco to partake in round two of Altitude Summit (check out round one in Salt Lake City). Not only did I enjoy the fall-like temperatures but two packed days of rubbing elbows with the most fashionable ladies (and a few gents) in the blogosphere. If I hadn’t felt like a Sartorialist wannabe, I would have stopped every glittery attendee for a closeup. Check out the highlights below…

IMG_5971Straight from my delayed flight to dinner hosted by Creativebug! Twenty-or-so Summiters were surrounded by walls of laser cut draperies, handmade paper flowers, and delectable treats! IMG_5975

IMG_5986Presentation day was jam-packed with speakers, including Mariam Naficy of Minted and my favorite, Mike McCue of Flipboard (pictured above). “The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.” Nicely put, Mr. McCue.IMG_5998In person meetup with the Prudent ladies, Jaime (left) and Jacinda (right). If you aren’t a regular visitor to Pretty Prudent, get over there! My sister, who’s a HUGE fan, was pretty stoked about this encounter!

IMG_5995And the day wrapped with Alice in Pinterland at, you guessed it, Pinterest headquarters.

IMG_5991No Altitude Summit party is complete without a banquet of sweet treats!

IMG_5994Painting the roses red wall — I’m having a hard time following the messages here. Ha!IMG_5976Just as I began, I ended the trip with a fruitful meeting with Creativebug (more on that later…). Oh, how I wish I could bring the Creativebug staff to Spruce for an office makeover! Thoughtful creations abound at every corner: chalkboard art, hand-stenciled walls, GIANT POM-POMS, and illustrated creatures. IMG_6004



IMG_5982As soon as I returned to Austin, I was busy visiting the virtual homes of my newfound friends. Check out the top 10 additions to my bookmarks menu: wishes for the new baby! chatting with you, Meg!, Raluca and Rachel for cabbin’ it with me! note above) with a blog dedicated to wrapping gifts gets an A+ in my book. to see you ladies in Atlanta, Dyan.

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