Adventures in Cushion Stuffing!

If you’ve ever attempted to stuff or un-stuff a seat cushion by yourself, you know what a difficult task that is. Readers if you’ve never tried this, go find the largest seat cushion in your home and take the foam out. Then put it back in. Take it out again, and then you shake it all about. (Just kidding!) But really, you’ll work up a sweat.

We at Spruce are charged with this assignment almost daily, having particular adversity with large and thick cushions with firm foam. Given these circumstances we make it a group sport.


Katherine and I stuff a giant cushion.

We’ve worked out a few tactics and tricks to successfully cram foam goods into massive envelopes of fabric. Sometimes we may employ the “Thighmaster” method. If you can get the foam bent in half, it seems to be constructive for sliding on a cushion cover. See below…. 🙂


Katherine "workin' it out."


Cushion cover slides on while Katherine exercises the "Thighmaster" method.

We’ve also found that a cushion insert may need more coaxing after initial placement inside the cover. For this, we engage the “down-the-rabbit-hole” technique.


Katherine leaves breadcrumbs so she can find her way back.

If the above two methods are just not enough, grab a partner. Get on either side of the monolith of foam in its cover and vigorously embarrass the cushion into a snug and sound position.


"Shake-and-Bake", "Shake Your Money Maker", "Mommy Dearest" - whatever you call it. Shake that cushion into shape!

If this is still not sufficient, you may have to have an old-fashioned WWE-style-smack-down with your seating!


Puttin' the hurt on an unruly hunk of cushion! HIIIYYAAAAHHH! (Spruce DOES NOT recommend you try this at home.)

After all that work, simply zip the cover into place and enjoy. (Ding!)


Did you know that re-stuffing your cushion with additional down, angel hair, polyester fill, or shredded foam is an easy and affordable solution to saggy cushions? Easy, and often messy. Leave it to us. We’ll help!

Here we are, “stuffing in a Winter Wonderland…!”


Shredded foam goes into a cushion case for a fresh, plump look.


Static cling!


It's so stuffy in here.

IMG_9851.JPG IMG_9855.JPG You can enjoy making a foam angel in the re-stuffing aftermath. OR we’ll sacrifice our shop. It’s ready for the mess!

 I truly commend those of you that want to do-it-yourself. Remember us when you have any material or supply needs. But in your time of do-it-yourself duress, we’ll be happy to bail you out! Give us a shout!