A Sprucette Was Born…

birthday sprucette

The birthday cake blow out! You smell like one, too!

We had a big birthday this week! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, MEREDITH!

As expected, another brilliant cake was enjoyed by Spruce staff and provided by our resident baker Katherine – this one inspired by Momofuku Milk Bar’s confetti birthday crumble cake. Breathtaking, delicious, quality, excellence, perfection. Well done Katherine!

birthday doodle

Coloring book birthday card. To: Mere. From: Clar.

If you’ve been to our shop or frequented our website, you’re likely to have been graced with Meredith’s presence and humor. That could read a little sarcastic, but I’m so serious! I feel privileged to work beside her. Quick gush: she can dominate a movie quote-along, kill a karaoke hoe-down, host a raging (and ultra-populous) party, coordinate a mean soft-furnishings scheme—all this while making sure she has each of our respective ducks in a row at the shop. She is the greatest “manageress” and buddy. I know I can speak for us all at Spruce in saying that we love her to pieces for all that she does for us! Thank you for everything Mere! Truly.

In turn, we tried our best to shower her with gifts that match her mettle. Check out some of the loot!

opening birthday presents

Meredith forges forward through an impressive birthday present pile.

homemade birthday present

Handmade infused butters and salts from Katherine.

justin timberlake new album

This one yielded a lot of excitement! For those that know, it’s a score!

Meredith, you are loved! Best of fortune and grace in your next year and always!