A Chair Affair!

chair class

We’ve done it again!  Another successful chair class for the books.  We had a very colorful crew of five ladies who kept Clar and I very entertained.  The transformations were grand…we made these sad chairs turn their frowns upside down.  Take a gander…

[pe2-gallery class=”alignleft” ] 2012-09-27 09.50.12.jpg2012-09-27 11.45.05.jpg2012-09-28 12.16.03.jpg2012-09-28 13.54.47.jpg2012-09-28 18.29.34.jpgupholstery class[/pe2-gallery]

Robin is no stranger to Spruce classes.  We had the pleasure of having her in a lampshade class back in August and obviously she enjoyed us so much that she had to come back.  This chair is amazing.  I love this colorful graphic fabric on a traditional chair.  Nice!

  [pe2-gallery] 2012-09-27 09.51.30.jpg2012-09-28 12.16.59.jpg2012-09-28 17.20.39.jpg[/pe2-gallery]

This transformation was quiet extreme.  Before, this chair was wobbly, dirty and just down right awful.  After a little elbow grease from Laura, this chair is unrecognizable.

[pe2-gallery] 2012-09-27 09.51.37.jpgupholstery class2012-09-28 12.16.11.jpg2012-09-28 13.54.27.jpg2012-09-28 17.24.28.jpg2012-09-28 17.24.14.jpg[/pe2-gallery]

Paula walked in with a dated, boring chair and walked out with a sharp black and gold statement piece.  This chair will not be ignored!   Great job Paula.

[pe2-gallery] 2012-09-27 10.27.43.jpg2012-09-27 10.40.20.jpg2012-09-27 11.44.35.jpg2012-09-28 13.55.06.jpg2012-09-28 15.49.28.jpgupholstery class Spruce[/pe2-gallery]

Our Aussie friend, Amanda, found this danish-esque chair at an antique store next door from us.  As you can see from the before shot it wasn’t very special, but Amanda saw the potential and chose a darling retro fabric that was perfect for it.  What a difference!

[pe2-gallery] 2012-09-28 12.15.51.jpg2012-09-28 15.08.54.jpg[/pe2-gallery]

Mitzi did this chair a huge favor.  Unfortunately, we forgot to take a before shot (whoops)but basically this chair had caning on the seat and the back.  It is much more comfortable now…and is a lot easier on the eyes.  I just love it!

[pe2-gallery] 2012-09-27 12.56.59.jpg2012-09-27 13.00.01.jpg[/pe2-gallery]

Upholstery classes at Spruce aren’t all hard work and drudgery.  We like to eat and have fun too!  If you have ever taken a class with us then it is no secret that lunch time is our favorite time of the day.  Meredith, Clar, and I usually start to nervously look at the clock around 11:00 for permission to eat.  As soon as the clock strikes 12:00 we are firing up the panini press.  This lunch in particular was great because not only did we have good company be we also ceremoniously rang in the fall season by gorging on homemade pumpkin bread with a whipped cream cream cheese topping.  SO GOOD!

We would love for you to be a part of all of this fun.  Sign up for a class and I will feed you a delicious treat…and teach you a little upholstery!  Come on…what are you waiting for?