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My LileeWelcome to Mini Spruce, a collection of heirloom-quality furniture in wee sizes for the children we love most in our lives. The idea for Mini Spruce was inspired by the arrival of my first child last year, a baby girl named Lilee. Since I started Spruce in 2007, I have been surrounded by beautiful fabrics, well-designed spaces, and furniture transformations—all things that make my heart happy. But with the birth of Lilee, I fell hard for the diminutive nature of all things baby and started dreaming up tiny pieces that I wanted to make for her.

As a designer, I love creating furniture that complements the architecture of a space and reflects the personality and aesthetic of the homeowner. In my own living room, I have a wall of reclaimed travertine from the LBJ Library, rust-colored wooden floors made from recycled furniture wood, and a custom-woven dragon rug made from a sketch I drew—on a napkin! The idea of a monogrammed pastel bean bag in the middle of this room was, to put it mildly, depressing. What I wanted was a piece as thoughtfully designed and as carefully crafted as the other pieces I’ve created for our home.

As a mom, I also wanted only the purest, cleanest materials for Lilee and assumed you’d feel the same about your own kids. The result is a limited-release line of handcrafted furniture made by all of us on the Spruce team in our Austin workshop. The frames are constructed of hardwoods with zero VOC finishes on the legs. In stark contrast to most furniture, the padding used throughout Mini Spruce is 100% natural latex foam, free of chemicals and off-gassing. For durability, lighter-weight fabrics have been backed with a knit lining.

Timeless design with enduring quality, this is the goal of Mini Spruce, and I’m thrilled to introduce to you the complete line, including a wingback chair, camelback sofa, diamond-tufted chaise lounge, barrel-back swivel chair, and a chesterfield sofa. Each design comes in two sizes, one for children ages 18 months to three years, and the other for children from 3 to 8 years old. The five Mini Spruce styles are available in limited quantities and finishes to ensure the highest level of quality for each piece. When a fabric’s gone, it’s gone.

And because we know the stresses playing children have on furniture—not to mention the desire for a fresh new look on occasion—send any piece back to Spruce for a makeover at any time. These pieces are built to be reupholstered and re-imagined for new rooms and new kiddos, generation after generation.

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