West Coast Book Tour Recap

In mid-April, the Spruce book and I ventured out to visit crafters and upholstery enthusiasts on the West Coast. This leg of the book tour was short and sweet and started with a visit to Creativebug‘s headquarters. Creativity oozes out of every nook and cranny in this place; take a look at the craft jewels hung from the walls, on the desks, and more!

creativebug wall hangings

Wall hangings for the Spruce/Creativebug festivities

creativebug desks

Creativebuggers’ desks sprinkled with a beautiful mess

creativebug flower arrangement

Paper thistles made by Creativebug instructor Livia Cetti

creativebug wreath

I contemplated stealing this!

creativebugchair springs

C’mon! A succulent wall hanging with chair springs!


Pincushion-making frenzy

Creativebug just released a paper flower tutorial with Livia Cetti of The Green Vase. I’ve already watched the tutorial and bought my tools and supplies to make the Wild Rose and Thistle Centerpiece!

After I drooled all over the Creativebug office, I put on my goggles and joined 30+ ladies and gents at the pincushion table. There was a line for the staple guns and fabric was flying all over the place. Thank you, Creativebug, for rounding up so much enthusiasm for the book signing event! And special thanks to Courtney Cerruti for being such an amazing hostess, as usual! I wish I could take you back to Austin with me!

The next night, I swung by Builders Booksource for a spring tying demonstration and book signing and met some lovely folks before jetting off to Portland for an early morning news segment.


Spruce on Portland’s AM Northwest News!

As luck would have it, I concluded the tour in Portland, my twinster’s home, just two days before my niece’s 2nd birthday! I spent a drizzly day at Modern Domestic making lampshades with some very crafty ladies, and getting workshop envy over MD’s beautiful space!


One day at Modern Domestic will turn you into a wannabe quilter!

After the tools were packed up and shipped back to Austin, Keith, Lilee, and I joined my sister and her family for cozy retreat to Bend, Oregon!

family tour

Keith and Lilee in San Francisco (left photo); My twinster Jennifer, Lilee (or Baby Cuzzy, as Kate calls her), and my niece Kate (right photo)

Many thanks to Storey Publishing for sending me on the road again, Creativebug, Builders Booksource, and Modern Domestic for hosting, all the West Coast bloggers, press, and attendees who made me feel right at home, my sister for lending a hand with lampshade class, and my amazing hubby who played Mr. Mom for the week (I LOVE YOU!).