Upholstery Lessons at Spruce

upholstery class spring tying

Spruce has been helping ambitious do-it-yourselfers tackle their upholstery projects for several years now.  We recently expanded the possibilities of upholstery education by removing any and all restrictions on what type of furniture is permitted.  From spring tying to cushion sewing, the possibilities are endless.  During our first round of upholstery lessons, our lovely pupils, Marcy and Margaret, learned many useful techniques that are sure to come in handy with future projects.  Here is a glimpse behind the scenes of the new Spruce class.

upholstery class suppliesWe have all the proper tools ready to get started.

  before side chairs

parsons chair before

Yeesh!  Here are the before shots of Marcy’s chairs (below.)  This can only mean a dramatic improvement.

side chair repair

Sometimes things have to get worse before they get better.

marcy webbing side chair 3

  marcy parsons chair

Marcy dacron

Marcy and katherine release cuts

We made great progress!  Marcy will be finishing her projects at her own shop back in Oklahoma.  We can’t wait to see the results.

margaret side chair spring tying

Margaret had a head start with her already stripped side chair.  She dove straight into spring tying.

margaret burlap

Amanda helping margaret relase cuts

Amanda helping Margaret release cuts 2

Amanda couldn’t help herself; she just had to get in on the fun.

Upholstery class

Margaret is more than halfway there!  We will be seeing her again this week to knock out the inside and outside back of her chair.

 rosemary apple pie

It wouldn’t be an official Spruce class unless I forced everyone to eat my desserts.  Meredith challenged me to recreate a rosemary apple pie that she tried at a local eatery. The challenge was eagerly accepted.  I’m pretty sure I nailed it.

Join us for a class sometime!  Everyone has at least one project they have been meaning to do.  Let us help you  get it done.  Remember, we have expanded our instruction…chairs, headboards, lampshades…you name it…we’ll teach it!  Check out the Spruce class page for open dates in March.