Tip: Seat Cushion Remedies!

There are a few quick things you can do to make your limp, dehydrated cushions fabulous once again! Consider the next few cushion-rejuvenating activities to perk up your loose chair or sofa cushions.

1) Did you know that foam becomes dehydrated over time? You can rehydrate your cushion by steaming the foam with a high-steam setting on a home iron! YES you can! Open up your cushion cover. You must get down to the raw foam and inject it with the high-pressure steam. If you’re afraid to peel the Dacron/batting away, use an ironing cloth so the Dacron doesn’t singe onto the iron plate. You can watch the foam literally spring back to shape!

2) Consider re-wrapping your existing foam with new Dacron batting. We do this for our customers who love the feel of their existing foam, but just need a little ‘oomph’ when it comes to the look of the cushion. Here’s what you do:

Open up your cushion cover and strip the foam of the Dacron. You should end up with raw foam.

IMG_9658.JPGGet a piece of Dacron batting large enough to cover your foam top, bottom, side and side…

IMG_9659.JPGUse a spray-adhesive glue to dust both surfaces; lay the foam down onto the Dacron.
IMG_9665.JPG  Fold over like a taco…

IMG_9676.JPGGlue the leftover Dacron sides to the sides of the foam and trim. Stuff back into the cushion cover, and enjoy your fresh-lookin’ cushion!

3) If your cushions are in need of a total overhaul, cut a new piece of foam! Simply measure your cushion cover from seam to seam, as well as the box height. You can order your foam here at Spruce in any thickness and density.


Measure and cut your foam with a sharp knife – or a turkey knife if available! Wrap the foam in Dacron and stuff  your cushion!

Other cushion options are a down envelope that wraps your foam to create a lofty and plush look. There is a hypo-allergenic option with a product called “Angel Hair”; we love it, use it often, and have had many a happy cushion result! As always, we at Spruce would be pleased to help you perform these miracles!