Tip: Get your Supplies at Capital City Upholstery Supply!

This tip is appropriate for Austin-area residents and non-Austinites alike. Our “old faithful” upholstery materials supplier has been bringing provisions to us for 4 years plus and has locations in Austin and San Antonio. They also have an online catalog presence for your DIY needs. How do we love “Capital”? Let us count the ways!


Front desk at Capital City Upholstery Supply

Capital City Upholstery Supply runs like clockwork. If we order our supplies by 8:30 am, our materials are delivered to the shop by 9:30am/10:00am latest. For a  full-tilt shop this service is key and vital to our functionality. We rely on and appreciate their punctuality! We enjoy the option of ordering supplies a second time during the day, allowing us to have supplies delivered sometime in the early afternoon. They are truly there for us all day, every day.


Tool and supply case at Capital City Upholstery Supply

If you have ever taken any of our classes and think, “how can I repeat this in my home space/garage/kitchen, etc.?” I highly recommend getting supplies from them for your home projects. Simply call them at 512.326.9968, order, and pick up your goods! They have everything: foam for seat and back, dacron (batting), cotton sheeting, tools, staple guns, tacks, staples, materials for automotive upholstery, leather, vinyl… I urge you find your materials here. They really do have everything you’ll need. If you have any questions, call us or Capital City Upholstery Supply for inquiries. Additionally, we at Spruce are happy to be a receiver or a “go-between” for your goods!


Upholstery supplies at Capital City Upholstery Supply

“Capital” offers leather in a gazillion colors, vinyl in even more colors, some canvas, as well as auto supplies for those of you who are brave enough to tackle a vehicle.


More vinyl and material than you can imagine...in stock!


Wide view of the back supply warehouse. Foam, cotton, dacron, oh my!

Another practical plus…if you plan to take on building new cushions, re-padding your dining chairs, creating a window seat cushion, etc., you’ll need different sizes and densities of foam. Have no fear, “Capital” can provide any amount and density or thickness that you desire (even down to 1/2 inch thick foam – they’ll slice it for you!!!!!) Check out their high-tech foam cutting apparatus below!


That bar extending vertically from the table is a huge blade that cuts the foam. Wow! Industry.

Get it together here ya’ll! Just to re-inforce the recommendation, there are some lovely, professional gentlemen who run the joint (Randy, Carlos, Dustin – you know who you are!) They are endlessly patient and helpful, and keep the place more clean and more organized than any other supply warehouse I’ve seen in my days. “Capital”, YOU’RE THE JAM!

Click the text to visit Capital City Upholstery Supply‘s website. Catalog, contact info, hours of operation, and location are contained within. Don’t be afraid to call us if you need any ordering advice! We’ll be happy to help!