Sprucette Featured as ‘Style Maker’ in Luxe Magazine!

Our very own Amanda Brown has been named one of three STYLE MAKERS in the current issue of Luxe Magazine currently being distributed in the Texas market!!  In the article, Amanda reveals how Spruce grew from an idea to a full-service upholstery and furniture redesign studio where customers can entrust their most treasured pieces with people who have an eye for design and a skill for upholstery.

You can also get a sneak peek inside the happenings of Spruce and find out what big projects we’re working on as well as the design icons Amanda looks to for inspiration.  And there might be a guilty pleasure thrown in just to liven things up.

Be sure to grab the Fall 2010 issue of Luxe Magazine and see for yourself what this Austin “style maker” has to say.  Happy Reading!!!