Spruce Upholstery Tip: Padding Sawhorses

Reupholstering can be rough on furniture. With all of the flipping and turning that goes on, it’s all too easy to nick the finished wood or painted surfaces by accident. Luckily, this problem can be solved by padding your sawhorses. Here’s a quick and easy tutorial to make your sawhorses furniture safe and super cute.

For this application, Clar had the genius idea to use these colorful rag rugs.  I like this idea because you can find these rugs everywhere, and they are inexpensive. You can also use a moving blanket, carpet scraps, old beach towels, or anything soft and pliable.

1 drape rag rug in place

The first step is to center your padding material over the sawhorse top.

2 staple on side onto saw horses

Staple along the underside of the sawhorse top on one side. Rag rugs unravel easily when cut, so I attach a finished edge of the rug to one side so I only have to cut the opposite side.

3 staple onto the inside wall of saw horse

Smooth the padding material up and to the inside of the sawhorse and staple along the inside wall.

4 opposite side

Smooth the material across the bottom surface and staple to the inside of the opposite wall. Repeat to staple the short ends to the inside walls.


Smooth the padding material up and over the walls and staple to the underside of the sawhorse top. Place staples close together to help prevent unraveling and be sure your padding material is smooth and tight on all surfaces.


My rug is a few inches short, but the important part is that the inside well and the edges are padded.


If the unfinished ends bother you, use leftover scraps to disguise this shortcoming. Fold the edges under to prevent unraveling and create a clean edge.

11 after

Easy peasy! Use this tip to enjoy the benefits of not having to worry about chips and scratches.