Spruce summer school!


It’s that time again….time for another installment of “Spruce class recap”.  We have had a nice variety of classes in the past couple of months, which means we have made a nice variety of new friends.  Our assortment of students was made up of out-of-towners who flew in for classes (we are so flattered), repeat offenders who’ve taken a class (or two) already,  excited first-timers,….and twins!  It has been a hoot as usual.

Below are some photos from our bench class in June.  Our students arrived to their work stations with a bare bench and walked out with these suckers.  I even whipped up a warm apple pie for our pupils.

[pe2-gallery] 2012-06-15 10.54.33.jpg2012-06-15 11.37.14.jpg2012-06-15 13.54.30.jpg2012-06-15 15.39.11.jpg2012-06-15 16.28.45.jpg2012-06-15 16.38.00.jpg2012-06-15 16.39.08.jpg2012-06-15 16.40.57.jpg2012-06-15 12.32.28.jpg[/pe2-gallery]

A couple of weeks ago we held our “bring your own chair” class.  Everyone brought their own chairs with their own set of problems…but don’t think that discouraged us!  We used our problem solving skills and worked it out.  Although there is no photo, I did make a bananas foster cheesecake.  It was heavenly.  Here are the results from the class.

[pe2-gallery] 2012-07-12 11.50.26.jpg2012-07-12 11.50.30.jpg2012-07-12 15.42.53.jpg2012-07-12 15.43.00.jpg2012-07-12 15.43.19.jpg2012-07-13 11.49.45.jpg2012-07-13 11.49.52.jpg2012-07-13 13.52.00.jpg2012-07-12 09.54.34.jpg2012-07-13 17.20.51.jpg2012-07-13 16.41.16.jpg2012-07-13 16.52.14.jpg[/pe2-gallery]

Most recently we held our headboard class.  This class is one of my favorites.  Our students walk away with such a big statement piece for their bedrooms, and the results are always stunning.  Baking wise, I tried something new for this class.  Out of all of the years that I have been baking, I have never attempted carrot cake.  I can no longer make that claim as I whipped together some carrot cupcakes.  I think this will be a keeper recipe.

[pe2-gallery] IMG_0385.JPGIMG_0386.JPGIMG_0380.JPGIMG_0379.JPGIMG_0374.JPGIMG_0373.JPGIMG_0372.JPGIMG_0371.JPGIMG_0405.JPGIMG_0399.JPGIMG_0393.JPGIMG_0387.JPGIMG_0391.JPGIMG_0390.JPGIMG_0398.JPGIMG_0402.JPGIMG_0406.JPGIMG_0381.JPG[/pe2-gallery]

If this looks like fun to you and you want to get in on the action, click here for our recently posted classes for the Fall.  When you sign up, please feel free to make any dessert request…I like a challenge!