Inspired Before and Afters!

Christmas is near! Christmas is here! We’re almost there everyone!

One of my favorite things in (blog) life are our “before and after” posts. It’s been a while since we’ve seen a round of makeovers from Spruce, no? In the spirit of unwrapping all your favorite gifts on Christmas, unwrap these lovelies with your eyes and dream of your best gifts to come. Perhaps you’ll receive one of these under the tree? Hope I’m not spoiling anything!

One of our favorite redos of the fall was this “trad-with-a-twist” – a typical English armchair seasoned with the spice of India. This gem of a piece was upholstered in vintage saris! Our client redid this piece adhering to the same eclectic aesthetic.

shafer before and after

Fabrics used are Robert Allen’s Lady Tara in Magenta, Sunset, and Prussian, as well as Duralee’s 90882-299. Stronger and more vibrant than ever!

Next is our client’s red, rad family heirloom she rehabbed in a kicky polka-dot print.

Our next remodel was a score our client found during a trip to California. She, like many of you, found it on the side of the road for trash collection. And, like so many of you, she rescued this stray. All it needed was a little TLC!

dobson before and after

After much woodwork and after some elbow grease, this trash find is back to life! Fabric is Maharam’s Folklore in color Tourmaline 005.

This next one is sure to impress! A mod swivel chair gets a feminine touch in this before and after!

young before and after

After! Upholstery material is Fabricut’s Caiman in color Thistle. Oofta!

Young after 2 blog

I just had to show you a shot of the back, too! So smooth – those curves!

The next sofa is so gratifying. The things you can do with some pieces! We removed the back cushions, created a cushier inside back, created one continuous seat cushion, removed and refinished the wood. It was truly a simple and effective overhaul!

Rao sofa before blog

I hope you enjoyed this extended holiday, our own little Santa’s Secret Workshop showcasing the best of the season’s before and afters. Come and visit us anytime online, or here in the shop for Christmas gifties! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!