Inspiration of the week: Cristian Zuzunaga…Pixel Perfect!

morosa sofa by Cristian Zuzunaga (2).jpg

I was so intrigued by the above image of a pix-elated sofa that I could not help but to do a little investigating on the brain behind this design.  The owner of these designs is a man by the name of Cristian Zuzunaga and I felt that he was worthy of a blog entry all of his own.  Mr. Zuzunaga is a Barcelona born graphic and print designer.  His more recent creations are a result of the inspiration he gets from modern architecture.  The pix elated fabric comes from magnified images of modern buildings and cityscapes.  The outcome provides such a large repeat that each piece  is truly unique.

I was pleasantly surprised when I learned that he takes this pixel print beyond furniture.  In fact, as you will see, he uses several different mediums to feature the oversized pixels.

[pe2-gallery] steel pixel armchair.jpgchairs.jpgrug.jpgcristian-zuzunaga-carpet.jpgpixel headboard.jpgpixel bed.jpgskyline_curtains.jpgskyline cityscapes curtains.jpgPixel pillows.jpgscarf.jpgmorosa sofa by Cristian Zuzunaga.jpgpixel sofa.jpg[/pe2-gallery]

I really just can’t get enough of this.   I love the big chunks of random color living together in harmony.  If you want to take a peek at his website you can see his most recent collaboration with  Danskina.  Their best-selling rug, Bravoure, now has four new fantastic color ways brimming with texture and contrast.

I bet you will never look at a photo the same again.