Heartfelt Thanks…

The day after Thanksgiving may be my favorite day of the year! I finally have the green light to take all the storage bins out of the attic labeled “Christmas decos”, Bing Crosby croons away White Christmas throughout the house, and the long hours slaving away over the stove on Thanksgiving gift me with a day of bountiful, delicious leftovers.

But, before I heat up pecan pie for breakfast and break out the Christmas ornaments, I’d like to pause for a minute to make a public announcement. You may have noticed we’ve been MIA on the blog for the last several weeks. While we’ve been silent online, there’s been a sweet hum of rapid fire staples and ringing telephones throughout the Spruce workshop. We’ve been working extra hard to meet holiday deadlines and launch Mini Spruce (more on that later!).

Spruce is immersed by such an amazing group of people from upholstery fans to trusting clients to hardworking, dedicated employees, and I am so grateful for you all. This year has been a huge transition for me—becoming a mother to my first child has been the most amazing experience and also so challenging It’s been a year of struggle, personally. How do I give both babies, Lilee and Spruce, 100%? I remember thinking right around this time last year, “There’s no way I could be busier than I am already.” WHOA! WRONG! Turns out life can be way busier and crazier. So I’m learning how to manage it all. Ultimately, it a lesson in how to prioritize and say “no” to some things, and I’m getting better.

I’ll stop elaborating before this turns into Amanda’s personal therapy session, but I just want to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all of you who have kept my head above water this year. Thank you, lovely clients for all of your trust and business! Thank you to Clar, Katherine, Frank, Kristen, Lili, Elizabeth, and Clarisa for all your HARD work every day for the past year and beyond! And thanks to my amazing family and friends who have boosted me up and offered words of wisdom and encouragement. Especially you, Keith, you are the most amazing husband, father, and person. If I could send it across the sky on a blimp banner, I would. You are AWESOME and I love you!

Now, back to your regularly scheduled day of discount shopping, leftover turkey, and trimming the tree. Happy belated Thanksgiving and warmest holiday wishes!