Alphabet Stool

If you are looking for a project to sink your teeth (and tush) into, this is the one. Amanda shows you how to make customized stool cushions from scratch using basic wood-working and upholstery techniques. These aren’t just any seats, however—they are cushions in the shape of letters, so you can create a batch to spell out initials, a name, or a favorite word. Amanda begins by cutting the letter shape out of plywood with a jigsaw and then she cuts out the upholstery fabrics, demonstrating how to sew them together to create a box-top cushion. Once the fabric is sewn and the foam is in place, she pulls the fabric taught and staples the fabric securely to the wooden base. The finished seat cushion can be attached to an existing stool base, or simply hung on the wall to create a sweet three-dimensional decoration with a hit of retro flair. Continue reading on Creativebug.