Inspiration of the week

Over the past few weeks I have been working on broadening my horizons in the creative world. Besides leaving a desk job for trade work in upholstery, I am making a vow to seek out more art in Austin and expose myself to others’ creative self expression on a more consistent basis.

This was overwhelmingly easy the past two weekends due to the eighth annual East Austin Studio Tour. Colin and I have been doing the tour for the last four years, and this one was luckily broken up into two weekends which helped immensely since now there are over 150 studios on the tour.

One of our first stops was this amazing house on East 2nd Street that is one of our favorites on the tour. This year, one of the guest artists at the house was Monique Capanelli with Articulture Design. “Under the Sea” and “Horny” were my two favorite living wall pieces she had on showcase. (I’m still regretting not purchasing something… perhaps Santa will bring me one!)
"Under the Sea" "horny"