Before and Afters!

As we enter the holiday season, let us share some before and afters with you to spark your creativity, and perhaps inspire you to give a gift of fabric or reupholstery to that special someone. This round of previous-and-post will include some marvelous modern classic furniture styles and fabrics as well. Funky vintage revamps were the theme these past few weeks, harkening back to simple, optimistic, and forward-thinking times. Have a look at some of our client’s restorations below!

The Eames lounge. Original, reproduction, knock-off or re-issue, you’ll pay a pretty penny for the frame no matter what! Our designer/client chose a sweet Romo cut velvet pattern in platinum to re-cover this one. Before comes first…

Arthur Eames Lounger Before.jpg

Came to us pook-y in peach.

Arthur Eames Lounger After.jpg

After!!!! Beautiful!

Arthur Eames Lounger After 6.jpg

A cool platinum cut velvet that feels as good as it looks! Congratulations!

It is gorgeous! Don’t you agree?

Another client seemed to collect exclusively those frames that were nostalgic to him, specifically from the midle of the 20th century. I’m talking about some MCM. Ya’ll can’t get enough of it! The first round were a set of channel-back chairs with ‘cracked ice vinyl.’ He wanted them to be restored in the same manner, so you’ll see a spitting image “after” of the “before” image. Re-puffed and stuffed, these chairs are beautiful again as the day they were born! Before is first, naturally.

Montgomery Dinette Before.JPG

Cracked ice vinyl was cracked! Literally!


Montgomery Dinette Chairs After 3.JPG

Ice, Ice, Baby – too cold! (I can’t resist!)

Montgomery Dinette Chairs After.JPG

Glorious! The same client’s vanity stool is now donning a new cover. Before…

Montgomery Vanity Stool Before.JPG

After…in a Mid-Century classic Charles and Ray Eames pattern:

Montgomery Stool After 2.jpg

Sweet dots!

He decided to use the same fabric on his second dining set. Yes – a Heywood Wakefield original design. Lucky!!!!

Montgomery Dining Chairs After 3.jpg

A window back in time. Our client said he imagined this might be how they looked in the day, when they were delivered to a home straight from the showroom floor. Sweet thought!

The last piece for this customer was a vintage club chair.

Montgomery Chair Before 4.JPG


Restored with a Knoll boucle to mimic the original. Fresh!!!!

Our next transformation was one of the Spruce picks sold from our “Create Your Own” collection. The sofa came to us sans cushions. Here’s where we could really get custom! The client was able to choose the cushion construction from scratch. (You really can do this with every sofa – feel free to change from one large cushion, to two, to three. Add back cushions is you want, or leave them off and use pillows! Choose your own adventure!)

Funky before!

Newly funk-i-fied after!

Our customer chose a high-traffic Robert Allen chenille stripe in technicolor. What a great investment! This pattern is built for commercial applications, so should last about FOREVER. I love that it’s filled with eye-popping color: bold, beautiful, and durable.

Our next were two little pieces will create big impact in their afterlife! A brown bench deflated before…

Hambly Bench Before 2.JPG

Brown bench before with biscuits and buttons. Boo.

Turns into this! A graphic and fresh footstool/bench for kiddo!

Hambly Bench After 2.jpg

Reminds one of a constellation, a union jack, a jungle gym, fun!

Another for the same customer. Before, a bore…

Hambly Chair Before.JPG

Just wait ’til you see what this chair can do!

After! Frame was painted, and the upholstery whimsical for a statement addition to their space. Enjoy!

Hambly Chair After 2.jpg

Meet for tea under the sea!

Both patterns above are Duralee – one a Thomas Paul, and the Octopus print is suitable for outdoors. Go figure!

This next pair were custom-designed and built for our client originally. They have sentimental value and were very contemporary and fashionable for the late 70s through 80s. (Naturally I love them!) See before…

Armendariz Chairs Before.JPG

See them after! We did quite a bit of internal reconstruction. We added springs to the seat deck, a dual density foam seat cushion for comfort, and built the back cushion with a foam core and down-like envelope wrap. Maximum comfort is achieved! Covered in a peacock blue chenille pattern from the customer’s source. Marvel!



And a big cheers to our client – she finished the wood frame herself! GREAT JOB!

Next we have an “after” only, as the chairs came to us stripped. The client had a fabric remnant to use that didn’t quite stretch all the way. Meredith helped them through the design with a complimentary fabric. Our staff loved the result! So unique! So cool!

Allen Chairs After 2.jpg

Allen Chairs After.jpg

And finally, Meredith’s desk chair – a thrift store find – was recovered. Awesome shape to start with…check it out!!!!!

Carmichael Chair Before 6.JPG

Frame was found a block away at Corner Collector’s Market (we love this store), and recovered in an awesome new Robert Allen fabric. Get an eyeful!

Fabrics from top to bottom are: Romo “Devante”; cracked ice vinyl sourced from; Maharam‘s “Dot Pattern” by Charles and Ray Eames; Knoll‘s “Classic Boucle”; Robert Allen‘s “Penta”; Duralee‘s #20876 and #20851; Customer’s own material provided; Customer’s own material (front section) with Duralee’s #15090 velvet to fill; Robert Allen‘s “Malakos” print is last.

Please let us know if we can help you with your project or order some fabric for you. We love to help fulfill your visions!