Before and Afters!

We hope you never tire of another installment of Before and After – that’s why we’re here! Satisfy your urge to see a piece of furniture, like a lowly caterpillar beautifully and miraculously and physically change into a stunning and vibrant monarch butterfly. Witness the revelations…!


Our client's antique child's scale slipper chair.

Above is one that we all fell in love with. It’s adorable size (an overall height of about 2 1/2 to 3 feet) combined with its inherent intention for our young people of the world – we were smitten. And it just got better! The family (parents are professionals in design) chose a sweet and timeless canvas print from Hable Construction. (Pattern is “checker” in color cherry.) See it – love it!


Slipper chair after - skirt off, tight seat, tight back, updated for another epoch. A streamlined and less bulky approach to the construction totally updates this piece.

We had a fun time with this next one – another antique from way back when, Art Deco or just after. The client chose a fabric that resembled the original, a tightly woven chenille that had a slight raised wave allover – think brainy coral, or brains!


Before shot of the sweet antique. Poor thing. Cushion was hard as a rock!


After - same styling to stay true to the original. This one reminds me of lacquered or plaster walls, lots of birds eye maple veneer, Deco lines, a cigar and a scotch! Smoky evenings in this chair in the movie in my head!

You all got a peek of this sofa in the previous post. A hip fun client of ours snatched up a salvaged sofa that Amanda picked; the client chose a killer fan print to cover. What a great fabric pick: neutral while having graphic visual interest. Seems this fabric could work with any color you pleased – very versatile!


A retail sofa in need.


Dang! A renewal indeed! Like a new suit for this guy! Can I point out my arduous and laborous cushion pattern matching that took me a fair amount of brainwork and math? Thanks. I know. It's wonderful. Please, you're embarrassing me! Stop!

This next one was a perfectly lovely piece – a new construction that you may pick up from a nice manufacturer that comes slipcovered. Nothing wrong with it – but the client just needed more pizzazz.


New slipcovered piece of furniture that needs some umph!


Underneath the slipcover.


Pow! It rocks and swivels too!

Another client project was “French” inspired. The frame was oak-ey, the fabric an iridescent ‘peacock’ type hue. Refinished in lacquer black, with diamond embossed leather and gold nail head trim. What a metamorphosis!


Battered and threadbare before.


Vance Chair After 2.JPG

Lacquered and luscious after!

Hey folks – spring is nigh. Let your butterflies fly, your phoenix rise, your babies be born! We would be happy to be your agents of marvelous change. Call us! See you soon!