Another Round of Beautiful Benches

Clar and I had the pleasure of spending some time with four lovely ladies a few weeks ago as they transformed wooden frames into beautiful benches. Seeing these adorable benches come to life made me want to jump in a make one for my house! Take a look at our fun-filled day:

[pe2-gallery class=”aligncenter” ] IMG_3484.JPGIMG_3434.JPGIMG_3436.JPGIMG_3440.JPGIMG_3446.JPGIMG_3444.JPGIMG_3448.JPGIMG_3499.JPGIMG_3498.JPGIMG_3503.JPGIMG_3504.JPGIMG_3491.JPGIMG_3494.JPG[/pe2-gallery]

Even Pixie and Levar were on board for the makeovers. Although, I did catch them napping on the job! Thank you ladies for coming to the class and making our jobs so easy!

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